Just how many Magic Banana®’s does a girl need???

Well, the short answer would be one.  The Magic Banana® is built to last, and it doesn’t have any mechanical or electrical parts that would be prone to failure – so you’re golden on that front too.

All that said, however, the longer answer to this question, in my opinion, would actually be three!

I have found that it’s great to keep one by the bed (or a favorite place to have partner sex), one near the shower (for a quick morning or evening pick-me-up) and one in my carry-on suitcase (even when I’m not traveling).

Here’s the thinking… a found moment for yourself can be a fleeting thing.  It’s good to keep a Magic Banana® within arm’s reach. The bed and the shower probably feel really obvious – but the third might be a little more puzzling for you.

You’re probably thinking, if I’m traveling, why don’t I just take the one from my bedside or the shower?  Well, if you’re anything like me, you’re a last minute packer.  I am lucky if I manage to pack my underwear and make-up bag when I travel.  Over the years, I found that I’d forget about the Magic Banana® during those harried bag-stuffing moments when I was running late for a flight – only to deeply regret it when I was stuck in a lonely hotel room with any combination of jet-lag, a stiff back, a head-cold, insomnia and noisy neighbors.  In moments like these, some time with the Magic Banana® always seems to settle me ready for sleep – no matter where I am.

The other great thing is that because the Magic Banana® has no metal parts, it doesn’t call attention to itself in your bag as it goes through the carry-on scanners.  The very last time I took a vibrator on a trip, the male security check-point officer succeeded in outing me in front of my conservative (though charming) older male boss. “Excuuuuse me.  Does this belong to you?” the officer said holding it up for all the world to see.  Never again, I vowed to myself.  I now practice the better safe than sorry approach to traveling with a pleasure device – it is always with the Magic Banana®.

So there you go – three bananas seems to be my sweet spot.  How many do YOU have in your life?

One banana, two banana, three banana, four…                                                                        or as many as suits your fancy on your mission to explore!

 JH – Magic Banana Connoisseur 

Tips: If you haven’t quite ‘clicked’ with your Magic Banana® yet…

Every body is different, and it may take some time for you and yours to acclimate to using the Magic Banana®.  

Here are a few questions to ponder when you set about your journey to self-understanding…

Is the curve of the Magic Banana® in its ‘smiling’ orientation while in use?  

Place the Magic Banana® on a flat surface.   Notice the curve – the ‘smile’?  Keeping the Magic Banana® in this ‘smiling’ orientation, squeeze the loop together and insert the tubing end into your body. Water-based lubrication is recommended.

Take note of the direction of this curve – If the Magic Banana® is inserted with the ‘smile’ facing downward, it will not massage the G-spot as intended and may cause some discomfort.  Also note that the black handle is not intended for insertion.


Have you tried using the Magic Banana® in different positions or environments?

For some women, the sensations created when using the Magic Banana® can vary widely depending on how and where they use it.  Some prefer lying on their backs, others lying on their fronts and others report having a daily extravaganza with their Magic Banana® standing in the shower.

For some women the bedroom is a private sanctuary for self-exploration, for others, the bathroom is the only place where they can guarantee that they will be undisturbed by others.  Creating an environment that allows you to fully focus on yourself will help you to unlock the pleasures of the Magic Banana®.

Are you holding your breath, anxious or expecting a particular outcome?

Watch.  Pay attention.  How comfortable are you in your body? How ‘open’ are you to deepening your relationship with yourself?  What do you want or hope to experience or gain by engaging with the Magic Banana®?  Can you let go of your expectation of the outcome … even just for now … so you can stay present, with yourself, in the moment?

As for the exercise aspect, like many exercise routines and even weight loss – depending on what you start with, sometimes it can take a good while to really notice any difference, and then all of a sudden – you have an a-ha moment – and you realize ‘YES! *This* is what I’ve been doing this for!’ – you’ve discovered something new about yourself! Unlocked something.

Be patient. Relax. And keep exploring.


‘I believe this Magic Banana® is the secret key to unlocking the inner muscles of the pelvic region to promote strength and suppleness’

Enthusiastic words from Helena Zera – Foundress, Vyana Yoga, and Creator of the wonderful Hasta Pada Yoga Belt

“As our physical bodies mature we should acquire methods to keep our inner juices flowing as the RASA (juice or nectar) of life wax and wane. This incredible tool is, at its core, the ultimate “SHAKTI*” prop.

If you have a partner or not, it is a deeply sensual and spiritually satisfying journey in the Tantric realm of intimate self-love and caring.

I believe this Magic Banana® is the secret key to unlocking the inner muscles of the pelvic region to promote strength and suppleness which can alleviate any feminine issues that a kegel exercise cannot attend to, and all with the natural vibratory power of the Swadisthana Chakra*.

As an RN, modern woman, Yoga Teacher, Polarity Therapist, Ayurvedic student and Tantrika I honor and respect the intimate connection of the sacred /sensual perpetuating mandala of time. To connect to ones divine sensuality and coordinate with the natural Rhythmic lunar cycle is to facilitate the ebb and flow of each transformative stage in a woman’s life. This Magic Banana® is an incredible modality in the art of a woman’s sexual exploration and health.”


~ Helena Zera


*`Shakti` is a Sanskrit word referring to the Cosmic Feminine

* Swadisthana Chakra, the 2nd chakra, also known as the Sacral Chakra, is energetically-associated with the Reproductive System, Sexuality, and Creativity.

From a fan: 7 reasons why she loves the The Magic Banana®

7 Reasons Why I love The Magic Banana®

1. It’s discreet – no one would guess what it is. (If someone found it in the drawer next to my bed, they’d have no clue –whereas a dildo … not so much!)

2. It’s flexible, smooth, and its’ shape and different ends means you can reach and stimulate different places internally and externally.

3. It’s hygienic and easy to wash.

4. It feels natural inside of me and I’m not afraid of poking anything, because of its roundness.

5. It gives me the most amazing orgasms!

6. It makes Kegels fun.

7. The unique shape allows me to not feel like I’m trying to replace my husbands’ penis – it’s my own thing.

– CF, 40, Toronto, mother of four (started using the Magic Banana® while pregnant for twins)

The Magic Banana® delivers … without a hint of shame!

“The Magic Banana® makes a great travel companion; it is both airport-security and waiter-friendly!”

I was sitting in a beautiful outdoor cafe in Sedona, Arizona, on a gorgeous day in May, with Marlene and Kim – two women who were attending a conference I had been invited to speak at. The restaurant was an upscale vegetarian place, with terra cotta ceramic tile floors and a Japanese meditation garden, complete with Osho tarot decks on every table. We were getting ready to go to an afternoon workshop called Mergence and Union – the mere title of which sparked the following scenario…

While waiting for someone to come and take our lunch order Marlene – who was in her late forties at the time – told us that since she had not had a lover in quite some time, she was worried that the ‘use it or lose it’ theory might really be true…

She needed something, she said, ‘to keep those muscles functioning!!’

I had flown in to this conference to speak and, before I left home, my intuition had told me to bring along a couple of Magic Banana®s. In those days they were crudely packaged – in a baggie, stapled at the top – and the book was photocopied at Business Depot on some wild – yellow with lime green and orange bursts – paper that looked very orgasmic. Upon hearing Marlene’s concern, I reached into my briefcase and pulled out the stapled baggie saying…

‘I just happen to have something that’ll help you out with that.’

Their jaws dropped. They couldn’t believe I was carrying this thing around with me – this solution to her problem – all packaged (crudely as it was) and ready to go – and they were quite interested in checking it out a little more closely!

With Marlene still in shock, Kim was the first to reach for it. She held it in her hand – noting the gentle upward curvage of the loop – and squeezed the loop together as if it were a hand exerciser. Perfect! She was pondering the possibilities, while squeezing, when our server – a gorgeous young man who looked like Adonis in the flesh – showed up to take our order!

I watched – fascinated – as Kim did not even flinch. She continued to hold The Magic Banana® in her hand – on the table – while the waiter took our order! When it was her turn to order, she looked him straight in the eye and spoke to him without a trace of shame or embarrassment.

When he left to take our order to the kitchen, we all noted the innate beauty of the entire scenario; due to the fact that the Magic Banana® is so clearly non-phallic and non-threatening, Kim didn’t even begin to feel the need to hide it or put it away!

How beautiful is THAT?! We all had big smiles on our faces!