From silly to sexy in no time flat!

The Magic Banana® has a funny name.  No doubt about it.  It can be pretty hilarious to introduce it to a partner who is not yet familiar with it.  HI-LARIOUS I tell you.

I recently introduced the Magic Banana® to a new partner and he took the hilarity to a new extreme.  On learning of its name and my affection for the product (I shared that I use it everyday), he suggested that we have a Magic Banana® ‘show’ the next time he came ’round.  He described how he planned to bring a big “GO TEAM BANANA!” sign, some yellow pom-poms and wear a big sports-fan-style foam banana on his head (no cheese-heads here evidently).  The thought of all that was a little embarrassing, even though I knew he was joking.  At the same time however, I was nervous that he didn’t quite get how much the Magic Banana® was going to enhance our time together.

When I showed it to him – he said “It doesn’t look much like a banana.  Well, it’s yellow with a black handle, I guess – and it curves like a banana too.  Hmmm.”  I put it away for experimentation another day.

After our next date, he was going down on me for the first time.  Such a gorgeous thing – feeling like the recipient of someone’s full attention.  After a little while, I realized I was having trouble relaxing and being present to the sensations.  My mind was racing and it was affecting my body.  Then I had an idea…

“Do you mind if we add the banana to the mix?”, I asked.  “Go for it,” he said.  I pulled the Magic Banana® from my night stand and slipped it in, already nicely lubricated from his attention.   I showed him the way I like to use it – pushing it slowly in and pulling it slowly out – and twisting it every so often to create a rippling effect inside.

I handed over the reigns and noticed that my body had already relaxed.    He continued going down on me and followed my lead in moving the Magic Banana® the way I had shown him.  My body fully engaged with both the Magic Banana® and his mouth – and together they brought me to a stunning orgasm.

Lying on our backs on the bed holding hands afterwards,  he said “That was beautiful – you coming like that.  That sure is some Magic Banana®”.  Indeed it is.  It can start out silly sometimes  – which can be a disarming ice-breaker ultimately –  but it sure gets very sexy, very quickly.


JH – Magic Banana® Connoisseur 


“It’s an Honor to Hold the Handle, Madam!” (Praise from a Boyfriend)

So my new girlfriend is a big fan of the Magic Banana®. We’re just getting to know each other and are both emerging from fairly long periods of, shall we say … solo sex lives. And as I’m learning to make her happy, I’ve asked a few questions about how she makes herself happy. I’ve found that can be a good way to a woman’s heart, and it takes some of the mystery out of the equation for me. I don’t find it humbling that she knows how to have fun without me; I find it exciting. And if I can enhance for her an experience that she already likes, I figure she’ll find it easier to work me into her sex life better. It’s like paying respect to and learning from what’s already there, so that I can add to it as we progress.

So … she told me about this thing. The “Magic Banana®.” I figured it was just some kind of vibrator that was shaped like a banana – sounded fun and festive, but not that out of the usual range. But then she told me it actually goes inside and works the Kegels.

Fine, I thought. I’m all for it WHATEVER it is.

So then I just kept asking for a show. I was half-kidding, since I know a woman’s toy is special to her and it’s not necessarily something they let their partner see at all right away, let alone see them use for its intended purposes.

But sure enough, not too many nights later we were getting amorous and she pulled away from a kiss and said “want to see the banana?” I said “Sure, I’d love to.” I’m a bit of a connaisseur when it comes to women’s pleasure, so I honestly was eager to see.

But what she brought out genuinely surprised me. It looked like a very small jump-rope fused into a single handle. It was cute, and … sure, it evoked a banana somewhat. But … it was almost like a scooper of some kind, or a kitchen whisk. It was surprisingly non-solid. A loop with a  handle, that’s what it was.


So sure enough, we commenced to kissing again, and … well. Well, well, well.

She inserted the thing and we kissed and she moved it around and then she asked ME to hold the handle, and … oh my. I could tell it was hitting her insides all over, and giving even pressure all over the sides. The design is so strikingly simple and original and utterly sexy going in and working around in there. I felt like I was admiring a masterwork of understated design and helping a gorgeous woman get off at the same time. She really, really got into it and …

I was SO happy. It was like I’d been let into this little world of hers, like she’d trusted me enough to introduce me to a good friend.

I’m not kidding. I was charmed.

Take it from me, fellas. When it comes to a woman’s pleasure and the Magic Banana®, let your dance partner take the lead for a bit. She can hear the music. Once you’re in the ballroom with her, you’ll work out all kinds of steps. In no time, you’ll see how much this little toy is everybody’s friend.

Hell, get her one for her birthday. For your birthday. For the weekend. Whatever. Just get her one.

You’ll both go nuts. I promise.


TR – New Male Fan of the Magic Banana®