A note from *home*

This is the very first feedback I received, many years ago now, from a woman who was outside of my own circle of friends and family. What an absolute THRILL it was to receive this early outside affirmation, with the writer so succinctly ‘nailing’ what I already knew!

What a treat to see this beautiful hand-written 4 x 6 inch note – on black paper in silver metallic pen, no less. Oh my heart, how priceless is this?!

My adult daughter was with me at the post office when I picked up the mail.  After reading the note aloud, we both jumped up and down–in one eloquent note, this woman had confirmed years of research and development!


‘I believe this Magic Banana® is the secret key to unlocking the inner muscles of the pelvic region to promote strength and suppleness’

Enthusiastic words from Helena Zera – Foundress, Vyana Yoga, and Creator of the wonderful Hasta Pada Yoga Belt

“As our physical bodies mature we should acquire methods to keep our inner juices flowing as the RASA (juice or nectar) of life wax and wane. This incredible tool is, at its core, the ultimate “SHAKTI*” prop.

If you have a partner or not, it is a deeply sensual and spiritually satisfying journey in the Tantric realm of intimate self-love and caring.

I believe this Magic Banana® is the secret key to unlocking the inner muscles of the pelvic region to promote strength and suppleness which can alleviate any feminine issues that a kegel exercise cannot attend to, and all with the natural vibratory power of the Swadisthana Chakra*.

As an RN, modern woman, Yoga Teacher, Polarity Therapist, Ayurvedic student and Tantrika I honor and respect the intimate connection of the sacred /sensual perpetuating mandala of time. To connect to ones divine sensuality and coordinate with the natural Rhythmic lunar cycle is to facilitate the ebb and flow of each transformative stage in a woman’s life. This Magic Banana® is an incredible modality in the art of a woman’s sexual exploration and health.”


~ Helena Zera


*`Shakti` is a Sanskrit word referring to the Cosmic Feminine

* Swadisthana Chakra, the 2nd chakra, also known as the Sacral Chakra, is energetically-associated with the Reproductive System, Sexuality, and Creativity.

From a fan: 7 reasons why she loves the The Magic Banana®

7 Reasons Why I love The Magic Banana®

1. It’s discreet – no one would guess what it is. (If someone found it in the drawer next to my bed, they’d have no clue –whereas a dildo … not so much!)

2. It’s flexible, smooth, and its’ shape and different ends means you can reach and stimulate different places internally and externally.

3. It’s hygienic and easy to wash.

4. It feels natural inside of me and I’m not afraid of poking anything, because of its roundness.

5. It gives me the most amazing orgasms!

6. It makes Kegels fun.

7. The unique shape allows me to not feel like I’m trying to replace my husbands’ penis – it’s my own thing.

– CF, 40, Toronto, mother of four (started using the Magic Banana® while pregnant for twins)