#261 November 26, 2009 “EASY”  

(an excerpt from Janeson Rayne’s daily writing practice)

Easy does it. At ease. With ease.

Sukha / Sthira, the principles of Ease and Steadiness, applied in Hatha Yoga. Steadiness without ease misses the mark, as does ease without steadiness. Together they form yet another yin / yang dichotomy to be observed and practised during asana and, also, in life.

The principles of Ease and Steadiness can apply to any situation. Finding yourself in trouble being where you’re being? Trade your SOS in for the S&S of Sukha/Sthira – and Ease and Steadiness prevail.

Ease keeps the breath–inspiration–flowing steady in the body, helping us feel a stronger sense of connection between body and mind. With conscious breath, we invite any activity that might otherwise live and whirl in the cerebral cortex forever to move on down into the heart centre – to integrate into and with the life centre, where the lungs move in and out with every inhalation and exhalation. Steadiness reminds us to breathe, while keeping a posture that is rooted, grounded, steady as well as dynamic, living, being.

We ‘make’ yoga, as the elder Hindu man in the Sari Palace on Gerrard St. East told me last week – and I found this to be an interesting perspective. In the west we often claim to DO yoga, however in reality it really does us.  When we make the postures and breathe into the shape –  cat, dog, table, eagle, headstand, plough – all of these shapes we enter into, aiming to do so with ease and steadiness, breathing deeply, looking for grace to prevail ~ mostly on our way out. Bringing the foot out of tree posture with grace is a wonderful example of ease and steadiness in motion.

The S & S of yoga, the S & S of life. Is it EASY, you ask, to embody Sukha and Sthira, to be easeful and steady?

Begin by noticing: do you hold your breathe, clench your teeth, tighten your shoulders, screw up your face on a regular basis without realizing it?

The point is, to begin.  You’ll find your own answers, and among them you’ll find that while this practice is not always easy, it is always Simple–and the best part is, you can start wherever you are, right now, and come back to it over and over again, whenever you choose.

Breathe … Flow … Come Back to Center.

Take a moment to appreciate that you *are* in a body ~ wherever else you happen to be in the world right now!


The Magic Banana® and that time of the month…

Just because it’s that time of the month, doesn’t mean the Magic Banana® needs to stay in the bed-side drawer.  In fact, it might be a better time than ever to break out your favorite yellow and black exploration companion.


As Dr. Laura Berman says on her blog – “sex while you are menstruating can help ease the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, or PMS. Many women say that orgasms can ease their cramps and the orgasmic contractions of the uterus offer a soothing internal massage. Also, orgasms release endorphins, natural painkillers and mood enhancers, which can help soothe the cramps, headaches, mild depression, and irritability sometimes associated with periods. Many women enjoy sex more when they are menstruating because of increased feelings of fullness in the pelvic and genital areas, which offer a head start on arousal.”

One great alternative during menstruation is to use the Magic Banana® in shower, to eleviate any concerns over mess.  Using the shower head to apply a relaxing steam of water outside, while massaging yourself inside with the loop of the Magic Banana® can be a fantastic combination to relieve the tension of cramps.

Beyond self-pleasuring, the Magic Banana® is a great tool for foreplay any day – but during your period, when you and your partner might be less excited by the idea of oral sex, the Magic Banana® can be a great way to warm up together.    I love an intense snogging session accompanied by a little Magic Banana® – whether it is controlled by me or by my partner.

I feel that I need to be thorough in mentioning that it is quite likely that the Magic Banana® will emerge accompanied by some menstrual ‘stuff’.  Nothing unusual of course – the typical body stuff that you find on a pad or tampon mid-period.  The Magic Banana® is a bit of a scoop ultimately – so it’s really handy at grabbing any loose material in there.  It’s also not unusual for some stray tampon fluff and the like to be harvested when using the Magic Banana® – which can only be a good thing, I reckon.

Any other discoveries, tips or tricks that you’ve found while using the Magic Banana® on (or close to the time of) your period?


J. H. – Magic Banana® Connoisseur 


From “buzzed out” to tuned in…

There are so many products on the market that have been designed for women by men – and so very many of them seem to involve a vibrating aspect.   I won’t knock the brief, near-instant gratification that can come from a vibration of the right speed and intensity in the right moment – the showerhead has always been a favorite of mine.  I had a girlfriend at college who would go home for a quick vibrational pick-me-up between classes – 10 minutes and she was back out into the world again, reinvigorated and ready to go.

However, over the years, my thinking has evolved around the time I spend with myself and my own body.  I have become an explorer – my own Christine Columbus.  Like the explorers of old, I have learned to take my time over this important daily (yes, daily) journey.

I had the pleasure of being one of Janeson’s early Magic Banana® testers, trying out multiple designs based on her ingenious loop concept. Over the past 14 years of using it, I have realized how much my sex life changes when I have more or less Magic Banana® time in combination with more or less vibrator-based stimulation. Long story short, I find the more time I spend with the Magic Banana®, the better and more intense my orgasms get during partner sex.  I also come more easily.

I have a theory on this one – my theory is that it’s possible to get “buzzed out” from using all of these high-speed electrically driven vibrators.  By contrast, The Magic Banana® works with my own rhythms and movements – it seems to reward me for ‘getting involved’. My body moves naturally like I am making love with my partner – it tenses and relaxes like the ebb and flow of two bodies coming together and apart.

I’ve heard Janeson remark before that the Magic Banana® doesn’t do you. Rather, you do the Magic Banana®”.  I couldn’t agree more.  I get to set the pace. I get to apply as little or as much resistance, depth or even twist as I want. Along with this, the Magic Banana® is silent, so it’s easier for me to focus (and not worry about being overheard in the adjacent room). Privacy is a glorious thing.

For me, it’s the difference between sailing and riding a noisy jet-ski.  Exploring with the Magic Banana® makes me the navigator of my own sailboat – exploring happiness within, as Janeson says.



JH  – Magic Banana® Connoisseur

The Magic Banana® delivers … without a hint of shame!

“The Magic Banana® makes a great travel companion; it is both airport-security and waiter-friendly!”

I was sitting in a beautiful outdoor cafe in Sedona, Arizona, on a gorgeous day in May, with Marlene and Kim – two women who were attending a conference I had been invited to speak at. The restaurant was an upscale vegetarian place, with terra cotta ceramic tile floors and a Japanese meditation garden, complete with Osho tarot decks on every table. We were getting ready to go to an afternoon workshop called Mergence and Union – the mere title of which sparked the following scenario…

While waiting for someone to come and take our lunch order Marlene – who was in her late forties at the time – told us that since she had not had a lover in quite some time, she was worried that the ‘use it or lose it’ theory might really be true…

She needed something, she said, ‘to keep those muscles functioning!!’

I had flown in to this conference to speak and, before I left home, my intuition had told me to bring along a couple of Magic Banana®s. In those days they were crudely packaged – in a baggie, stapled at the top – and the book was photocopied at Business Depot on some wild – yellow with lime green and orange bursts – paper that looked very orgasmic. Upon hearing Marlene’s concern, I reached into my briefcase and pulled out the stapled baggie saying…

‘I just happen to have something that’ll help you out with that.’

Their jaws dropped. They couldn’t believe I was carrying this thing around with me – this solution to her problem – all packaged (crudely as it was) and ready to go – and they were quite interested in checking it out a little more closely!

With Marlene still in shock, Kim was the first to reach for it. She held it in her hand – noting the gentle upward curvage of the loop – and squeezed the loop together as if it were a hand exerciser. Perfect! She was pondering the possibilities, while squeezing, when our server – a gorgeous young man who looked like Adonis in the flesh – showed up to take our order!

I watched – fascinated – as Kim did not even flinch. She continued to hold The Magic Banana® in her hand – on the table – while the waiter took our order! When it was her turn to order, she looked him straight in the eye and spoke to him without a trace of shame or embarrassment.

When he left to take our order to the kitchen, we all noted the innate beauty of the entire scenario; due to the fact that the Magic Banana® is so clearly non-phallic and non-threatening, Kim didn’t even begin to feel the need to hide it or put it away!

How beautiful is THAT?! We all had big smiles on our faces!